18-20 December 2023
Facultad de Ciencias Físicas, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Europe/Madrid timezone

Machine Learning represents a rapidly expanding field with significant potential for applications in Physics. Specifically, Deep-Learning techniques offer opportunities for enhanced data processing, signal analysis, and modeling. While these methodologies have already demonstrated success in various fields such as particle physics, astrophysics, and medical physics, a substantial portion of their potential applications in Physics remains unexplored.

A comprehensive understanding and ethical utilization of machine-learning tools are becoming increasingly indispensable in research. In light of this, the Institute of Particle and Cosmos Physics (IPARCOS) aims to foster understanding of these techniques among its researchers and the wider academic community.

Following the success of the first 'Machine Learning and Applications to Physics' workshop, this second edition holds a dual purpose:

  1. Conducting an introductory course on Machine Learning techniques encompassing theory and practical sessions, catering to those keen on initiating their use.
  2. To glean insights from researchers already employing these tools, learning about their applications across various domains of Physics.

The workshop spans three days, structured as follows: morning sessions will feature theory presentations and discussions by experts in the field, while afternoons will be dedicated to hands-on practical sessions.

The overview of the introductory course is as follows:

Concerning the hands-on sessions, participants will receive an introduction to common machine learning frameworks and software, providing a foundational understanding for practical application. A highlight will be a case study demonstrating the application of machine learning in the field of Medical Physics, offering insights into real-world applications. Then, there will be a presentation of practice projects tailored for participants, allowing individuals to gain hands-on experience. These projects will encompass group work, providing a collaborative environment for attendees to apply their newly acquired knowledge and skills in practical settings.

The workshop is intended for students, researchers, and professors who wish to explore the use of machine learning tools to enrich their research. It is open not only to the IPARCOS community but to all interested participants.

The registration fee for the workshop is of 25 euros for undergraduate and master's students, and of 50 euros for everyone else. If you encounter any challenges in affording this fee, we encourage you to reach out to the organizers.

Facultad de Ciencias Físicas, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
M2 - Multiusos
P/ Ciencias 1 E-28040, Madrid
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