7-11 October 2019
Facultad de Ciencias Físicas, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Europe/Madrid timezone

Neutrino Masses from the Point of View of Economy and Simplicity

10 Oct 2019, 11:30
Aula M2 (Facultad de Ciencias Físicas, Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

Aula M2

Facultad de Ciencias Físicas, Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Plaza de Ciencias, 1 Ciudad Universitaria 28040 Madrid, Spain


Prof. Bilenky Samoil (JINR(Dubna))


In the framework of such basic principles as local gauge invariance, unification of the weak and electromagnetic interactions and spontaneous symmetry breaking in the Standard Model the most economical and simplest possibilities are realized. We discuss the problem of neutrino masses from the point of view of economy and simplicity. It is unlikely that neutrino masses are of the same SM origin as masses of leptons and quarks. The Weinberg effective Lagrangian is the simplest and the most economical, beyond the Standard Model mechanism of the generation of small Majorana neutrino masses. The resolution of the sterile neutrino anomaly and observation of the neutrinoless double $\beta$-decay would be crucial tests of this mechanism.

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