Resummation, Evolution, Factorization 2023 (REF2023)

from Monday, 23 October 2023 (13:00) to Friday, 27 October 2023 (14:30)
Facultad de Físicas (Aula M1)

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23 Oct 2023
24 Oct 2023
25 Oct 2023
26 Oct 2023
27 Oct 2023
Diffraction, small-x (until 10:30) (Aula M1)
09:30 Semi-inclusive Diffractive Deep Inelastic Scattering at Small-x - Feng Yuan (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)   (Aula M1)
10:00 Searching for saturation in forward dijet production at the LHC - Prof. Krzysztof Kutak   (Aula M1)
Coffe break (until 11:00) (Aula M1)
Diffraction, small-x (until 12:30) (Aula M1)
11:00 Diffractive single and di-hadron production as testified of gluonic saturation - Michael Fucilla (Université Paris-Saclay, CNRS/IN2P3, IJCLab, 91405, Orsay, France)   (Aula M1)
11:30 Quark and gluon diffractive distributions at small xP - Dionysis N. Triantafyllopoulos (ECT*, Trento)   (Aula M1)
12:00 Diffractive parton distribution functions considering higher twist corrections - Maral Salajegheh (HISKP, University of Bonn) Dr Hamzeh Khanpour (AGH University of Science and Technology)   (Aula M1)
Heavy flavor, HE (until 10:20) (Aula M1)
09:30 Absolute mass threshold resummation for the production of four top quarks - Laura Moreno Valero (University of Münster)   (Aula M1)
09:55 Associated production of heavy quarkonia and D mesons in the high-energy factorization - Vladimir Saleev (Samara University)   (Aula M1)
Coffe break (until 10:50) (Aula M1)
Heavy flavor, HE (until 12:30) (Aula M1)
10:50 Full top-quark mass dependence in diphoton production at NNLO in QCD - Federico Ripani (Università di Roma “La Sapienza” and INFN Sezione di Roma)   (Aula M1)
11:15 Measurement of the top-quark mass with the ATLAS experiment in 13 TeV pp collision data. - Javier Jiménez Peña (IFAE Barcelona)   (Aula M1)
11:40 Automatic Computation of the Soft Anomalous Dimension Matrices for the Heavy-Quark Hadroproduction - Bakar Chargeishvili (University of Hamburg)   (Aula M1)
12:05 Quarkonium production cross sections at high energy in the matching approach - Maxim Nefedov   (Aula M1)
TMD phenomenology (until 10:30) (Aula M1)
09:30 Global extraction of unpolarized Transverse Momentum Distributions - Lorenzo Rossi (University of Pavia & INFN)   (Aula M1)
10:00 Extraction of unpolarized TMDPDF from global fit of Drell-Yan data at N4LL - Valentin Moos (University of Regensburg)   (Aula M1)
Coffe break (until 11:00) (Aula M1)
TMD phenomenology (until 12:30) (Aula M1)
11:00 Towards a global reweighting of TMD densities - Carlo Flore (IJCLab Orsay)   (Aula M1)
11:30 Studies of the 3D nucleon structure at JLab: present and future - Harutyun Avagyan (Jefferson Lab)   (Aula M1)
12:00 Meson TMDs analysis at AMBER - Filippo Delcarro (INFN Torino)   (Aula M1)
MC, event generators (until 11:00) (Aula M1)
09:30 Mellin Barnes for massive bubble diagrams - Alejandro Bris (IFT-UAM)   (Aula M1)
10:00 The small $k_T$ region in Drell-Yan production at next-to-leading order with the Parton Branching Method - Itana Bubanja   (Aula M1)
10:30 Top Quark Mass Calibration for Monte Carlo Event Generators - Vicent Mateu (University of Salamanca)   (Aula M1)
Coffe break (until 11:30) (Aula M1)
MC, event generators (until 12:30) (Aula M1)
11:30 High precesion prediction of Drell-Yan production - Tongzhi Yang (University of Zurich)   (Aula M1)
12:00 Current status and recent improvements in the Geneva event generator - Georgios Billis (University of Milan Bicocca & INFN Milan Bicocca)   (Aula M1)
Registration (until 14:00) (Aula M1)
Power corrections (until 15:30) (Aula M1)
14:00 Applications of SCET to Transverse Momentum Distributions - Iain Stewart (MIT)   (Aula M1)
14:30 Subleading-Power Soft Subtleties in SIDIS - Anjie Gao (MIT)   (Aula M1)
15:00 TMD factorization at next-to-leading power - Simone Rodini (DESY)   (Aula M1)
Coffe break (until 16:00) (Aula M1)
Power corrections (until 17:00) (Aula M1)
16:00 Transverse Momentum Measurements with Jets at Next-to-Leading Power - Max Jaarsma (University of Amsterdam)   (Aula M1)
16:30 Local Infrared Safety in four dimensions - Aniruddha Venkata (Stony Brook University)   (Aula M1)
Discussion session (until 18:00) (Aula M1)
Welcome cocktail (until 20:00) (Aula M1)
Lunch (until 14:00) (Aula M1)
High energy (until 15:30) (Aula M1)
14:00 Resummation Scales in Collinear and Sudakov Processes at Hadron Colliders - Giuseppe Bozzi (University of Cagliari)   (Aula M1)
14:30 Weak vector boson production at hadron colliders: combined QCD-QED transverse-momentum resummation formalism - Andrea Autieri (Instituto de Física Corpuscular (IFIC), Valencia (Spain))   (Aula M1)
15:00 Bayesian inference for PDFs - Tommaso Giani (Nikhef)   (Aula M1)
Coffe break (until 16:00) (Aula M1)
High energy (until 17:00) (Aula M1)
16:00 Higgs + hadron/jet inclusive production process with full next-to-leading accuracy - Gabriele Gatto   (Aula M1)
16:30 Determining $\alpha_s$ from Thrust with Power Corrections - Miguel Benitez-Rathgeb (Universidad de Salamanca)   (Aula M1)
Discussion session (until 18:00) (Aula M1)
Advisory Board meeting (until 19:00) (Aula M1)
Lunch (until 14:00) (Aula M1)
Heavy flavor, TMD (until 15:30) (Aula M1)
14:00 High-energy heavy-ion collisions and underlying QCD phenomena - Francois Gelis (Saclay)   (Aula M1)
14:30 Transverse Momentum Distributions of Heavy Hadrons and Polarized Heavy Quarks - Zhiquan Sun (MIT)   (Aula M1)
15:00 $J/\psi$ production at NLO with a scale-dependent color-evaporation model - Benjamin Guiot (Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria)   (Aula M1)
Coffe break (until 16:00) (Aula M1)
Heavy flavor, TMD (until 17:30) (Aula M1)
16:00 Gluon TMD fragmentation function into quarkonium - Samuel F. Romera (University of the Basque Country)   (Aula M1)
16:30 Production of Polarized $J/\psi$ in NRQCD - Marston Copeland (Duke University)   (Aula M1)
17:00 Transverse $\Lambda$ polarization in $e^+e^−$ annihilation and SIDIS processes within a TMD approach - Umberto D'Alesio (University and INFN Cagliari)   (Aula M1)
Discussion session (until 18:30) (Aula M1)
Conference dinner (until 23:00) (Aula M1)
Lunch (until 13:30) (Aula M1)
The Strong Interaction at 50 Years: Less Puzzling, More Rich, and Still Mysterious (until 14:30) (Aula M1)
14:30 --- General break time ---
Theory (until 16:00) (Aula M1)
15:00 Factorization of Non-Global LHC Observables and Resummation of Super-Leading Logarithms - Matthias Neubert (Mainz University)   (Aula M1)
15:30 Test of gluon TMD from HERA data at low Q^2 and soft hadron production at LHC - Gennady Lykasov   (Aula M1)
Coffe break (until 16:30) (Aula M1)
Theory (until 18:00) (Aula M1)
16:30 Hidden soft effects from TMD Fragmentation Functions extractions - Andrea Simonelli (Jefferson Lab and ODU)   (Aula M1)
17:00 Recent progress on track functions - Wouter Waalewijn (University of Amsterdam)   (Aula M1)
17:30 PanScales: next-generation parton showers - Alba Soto Ontoso   (Aula M1)
Discussion session (until 19:00) (Aula M1)
Discussion session (until 13:30) (Aula M1)