2-4 December 2019
Facultad de Ciencias Físicas, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Europe/Madrid timezone

Recommended Software

Participants should bring their own computers to the hands-on sessions. In order to take full advantage of these sessions we encourage all participants to install some software packages beforehand. We will be working with both R and Python languages.

Our suggestion is to have a working installation of Anaconda Distribution in your systems, so we can create an environment that satisfies the main requirements and needs from each hands-on session.

Once your installation of Anaconda Distribution is up and running just follow the instructions here:


And you should be good to go!

Specific instructions for each of the hands-on sessions can be found below.

  • Monday hands-on session (Prof. Zufiria):

In this session we will be mostly using R.

  • Tuesday hands-on session (Prof. Rojo):

For this hands-on session we will use iPython notebooks. Please make sure you have a functional python installation (v3.7 preferably) and that you can edit and execute Jupyter notebooks (they should come by default if you use Anaconda for the installation but not with other systems).

To test your installation, before the workshop please download the following notebooks:




and check that you can open, edit, and execute them without problems.

  • Wednesday hands-on session (Prof. Chirkova, Mrs. Lobacheva):

In this session we will be mostly using Python.

We will be working with the MNIST dataset that can be downloaded here.


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