2-4 December 2019
Facultad de Ciencias Físicas, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Europe/Madrid timezone

WIFI Network

Instructions for access to the Wireless Network:

  1.  Connection Process
    • First you will need to display the list of available wireless networks on the device and select the UCM-CONGRESO network. If this is the first time (*) that you connect to the UCM-CONGRESO network, the network key will be requested::(*)If you have previously connected to the UCM-CONGRESO network with the same device, this key is stored and does not need to be entered.
      • Network key;  congresosUCM
    • The authentication portal of the UCM Congress Wireless Network will open automatically. If it does not appear, you will have to open a Web browser and enter any URL (e.g.: http://www.google.es) and you will be automatically redirected to the authentication portal.
    • A form will appear in the portal, where you will have to enter the following generic credentials (*) for all users and press the Login button:(*)These credentials will be valid from the working day prior to the start of the congress and until the day after the end of the congress.
    • Once the credentials have been introduced, an informative page will appear and the connection will be established.
  2. Requirements in the configuration of the user equipment
        It is imperative that in the network configuration of the user computers is:
    • Enabled the automatic request of IP address (by DHCP) and DNS servers.
    • Do not have a proxy server defined in the settings of the Internet Browser.
  3. Available services:
       The following services are available on the wireless conference network:
    • Web browsing (http and https protocols)
    • Establishment of VPN (Virtual Private Network) tunnels only towards the outside of the UCM.
    • SSH (Secure SHell)
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